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MOJO Dog Trotter

The MOJO Trotter is one of the best pieces of canine exercise equipment available in the market and we are happy to have it in our store!! The Trotter is made by  Dog Trotter USA and features some of the coolest dog-running tech:

- Free-Spinning Mode 

- Motor Assistance

- Electronic Incline

- Odometer 

- Braking System

Why do love the dog trotter? It serves as a quick and effective way to exercise your dog while you are out shopping or simply stop by just to run your dog on it! Your dog can run at its full speed in a safe manner or it can also simply trot on the runner at a comfortable pace. If your dog is new to this, it won't be an issue we can use the treadmill feature to help your dog adjust to the trotter. If your dog is pent up and needs a run, this is the perfect solution! Stop by and try it out!

The Dog Trotter is available for use Monday - Saturday during our business hours!  All new users are required to have a 45-Minute introductory session.