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Farm to Pet - Turkey Chips

Farm to Pet - Turkey Chips

Farm to Pet- Turkey Chips ​​​​​​

  • 100% human-grade turkey breast meat. Our turkeys are sourced directly from local family farms in Illinois where they are always humanely raised. 
  • Treats made with love and one ingredient. Farm to Pet is committed to providing simply processed high-quality natural pet treats.  No additives, preservatives, binders, or fillers are ever used.
  • Irresistible, crunchy snack for dogs. All-natural, healthy treats for dogs of all sizes. Since our Turkey Chips feature just one ingredient, they are a great choice for dogs with food sensitivities. Many dogs that are sensitive to Chicken have found our Turkey Chips to be a great alternative.
  • Protein-rich, low-calorie treat. The turkey breast is a lean and healthy protein to give as a snack. Dogs instinctively crave protein and enthusiastically respond to the chips!
  • Our crunchy single-ingredient Turkey Chips are the delicious, natural, and nutritious treat your dog deserves!

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