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K9® Transmitter

K9® Transmitter

The K9® Transmitter


The K9 is a transmitter that can be customized for you and your dogs. The K9 gives all types of feedback that can be visual, tactile, or audible. Explore what the Martin System®️ K9 can do for you and your dog.

The K9 uses the cutting edge technologies in electronics from Martin System always bearing in mind animal wellfare.



Ergonomic remote control

  • Large display

  • Backlit display

  • Tactile feedback from buttons

Waterproof housing


Mobile Application Doggify (+link to landing page doggify)

  •  Configuration of stimulation buttons

  •  Customize Speed of Rising/decreasing

  •  Customize the Max Jump of Level for Rising/Decreasing

  • Customize the number of independent id codes to make
    a  transmitter for 1, 2, or 4 dogs

Decreasing stimulation mode

Rechargeable by wireless or USB

Audible and vibration stimulation feedback on the remote

Tone marker via the App Doggify



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