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Our raw subscription is here to take the hassle out of constantly making the trip to buy your dog's raw food! Being avid users of Raw diets we understand the hassle of the task at hand! When you sign-up for our RAW Delivered Program, we make it easy for you to feed your dog the best diets possible!

Choose your diet!

MOJO carries the best RAW Diets on the market: Primal, Raw Bistro, Steve's Real Dog Food, SmallBatch, A Pup Above and soon many more! MOJO will carry a few different sizes of each brand and allow you to choose between subscriptions of 3lb - 6lb, or 18lb - 20lb based on vendor availability. 


Choose your recurring schedule!

Our Raw Delivered program offers 3 recurring options and You can expect discounts from 5% - 15% based on the frequency of your subscription. (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly)


Earn Rewards!

Many of our raw food providers offer rewards program that allow you to earn free goodies and/or free food! We will ensure you are enrolled in the program and receive the benefits!


Get it delivered!

Our Raw Delivered Program is currently only for Chicago Residents! Raw subscriptions will be delivered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 12 - 4p.


Pick your favorite brand below!

Click on your favorite brand below!

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