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Not only do you get the convenience of having your dog food ready for pick up every time you need it, but you also get amazing discounts. If you choose to receive weekly orders, you'll get an incredible 15% off every time. If you prefer bi-weekly orders, you'll still get a great discount of 10% off. And even if you choose monthly orders, you'll still receive a 5% discount.



Signing up can be easy! 

1.Select the item or bundle of your choice from below. 

2.Choose your protein(s).

3.Hit the Subscribe button

4.Enter your payment information and you're all good to go!

5. Wait to receive your email confirmation for pickup!

Your first box will be ready the very next business day for Pick up. Depending on your plan your next package will be available the following billing date. (Ex. June 1st monthly subscriptions will be charged July 1st with pickup availability as early as July 2nd. A weekly charge would be June 8th with pickup availability as early as June 9th and so on.)


How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe online at, choose your protein, choose your model, and subscribe. You'll be asked to make an account so you can easily cancel and modify your subscription.

Is delivery available?

Currently we can't deliver your subscription as it's for pick up only, but you can find us on Door dash if you need a quick delivery!

How often do I get my order?

We currently offer 3 models to choose from, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly all which offer 3 different discount models. Your order will renew depending on the model. Ex.Weekly would generate your order every 7 days and bi-weekly every 14 days.

What if I want a different protein?