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IQ Magnet Bag

IQ Magnet Bag

Our brand new IQ Magnet Bag is for you if you are working on your dog’s heeling position or the basic position. 

Simply attach the The IQ Magnet Bag to the bottom of the vest’s left armhole (three little loops. The IQ Magnet Bag is almost invisible (and even more so for your dog). Insert a ball or other small toy. The pouch almost closes on its own thanks to extra strong industrial magnets. Once you are ready to reward your dog, pull the string cord on your right side and the toy will drop.

Why wouldn’t you just tuck a toy under your left arm as many have done for a long time? Because the dog knows exactly if the toy is there or not. For starters, the dog can see the toy tucked under the arm. In addition, no one walks naturally with a toy tucked under. It is very hard to get a reliable behavior for trials and competitions if your dog knows exactly if he will or will not get his reward. If you reward from the IQ Magnet Bag, your dog will keep his hopes up even if you don’t have a reward in a trial. Watch our videos to see how we use it in training. 

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