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MO (Mona) & JO (Jolie)

MOJO Dog Co. is the namesake of our first personal rescue dogs, Mona and Jolie. Through time spent training and traveling on countless dog-friendly excursions, we often abbreviated and combined their names to an easy "MoJo" and the nickname stuck with our family and friends. Because the idea to start a dog supply store was born out of the early experiences we shared with our girls, we felt it was fitting for a place where we could share our favorite dog brands with you!

At MOJO Dog Co, Brittney and I bring together our experience as dog owners, rescuers, trainers, and sport competitors. We've spent the last 10 years purchasing and testing all sorts of products in an effort to meet the requirements of our active canine lifestyle. Through breaking things and making things, we've put together the collection of items that we know can handle the long hikes, the dog sport seminars, and the rescue work. From the soft chewers to the hard biters; At MOJO, you will find items you love and can rely on.

We hope that the products you find at our little shop take you new places to do cool new things with the dogs you love. As we continue our lifelong journey of adventure with our dogs, you will find the most updated and useful dog gear at MOJO Dog Co.



Brittney was born into a family who has always appreciated animals and welcomed many a dog and cat into their home. Her dream of working with dogs began when she went door to door asking to walk the neighbors’ dogs as a child and proceeded into high school when she worked as a kennel technician.
With her added experience as a dog handler in a dog daycare and volunteer work in shelters, Brittney hoped to continued her education and graduated from Monmouth College. She continued in her training career by volunteering at a service dog organization, where she realized an interest in helping people learn to handle their dogs and work effectively as a team. After receiving her CPDT-KA certification, she worked with clients for several years in Found Training Center's Training Department, which she now provides guidance and insight for as a mentor. Brittney founded Canines & Company NFP with her husband in 2016, through which she rescues and places dogs and runs community therapy dog programs. Brittney spends most of her free time training for dog sports, such as disc dog, with her rescue dogs Mona, Rowdy, and Frito. She also enjoys spending time with her dog Jolie, and her kitty, Valentina.



Fabian is the Owner and Director of Operations of Found Chicago Boarding & Training Center and President of Chi-town K9 Working Dog Club. Fabian is a Chicago pet industry veteran with 14 years of experience both in the industry and in training. Being a certified dog trainer, he holds a CCPDT-KA, CGC, APDT and NePoPo© Gold Certificates. 

Fabian attended City Colleges of Chicago and Southern Illinois University - Carbondale with a focus in Automotive Engineering and Business. With such focus and love for the pet industry he continued his career with Found Chicago. Fabian and his wife, Brittney Romo, (Executive Director of Canines & Company) own five dogs and actively compete and participate in PSA-K9 and K9 Toss and Fetch. 

Dogs with Dog Food Jar


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