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IQ Magnetizer

IQ Magnetizer

Training your dog with a magnetic system is a great idea? But don’t want to be restricted when it comes to the toys you use? Now you can simply attach the IQ Magnetizer to your favorite toy (it does need to come with a string or strap) and use it as a magnetic reward. 

The IQ Magnetizer attaches with replaceable cable ties which means you can switch the toys according to your and your dog's preferences. There’s no end to your creativity: put the IQ Magnetizer on a tug or string-ball and work on that perfect position in heeling. A bite pillow in the blind works wonders on your dog’s speed in the blind search. You can even use the IQ Magnetizer on a short leash if you take it on and of your dog a lot. 

Rather than creating more waste, we packaged your IQ Magnetizer in a beautiful metall box with logo with the perfect size to keep all your magnets or your tracking articles organized. 

Adhesion: 6 kg
Width: 3,5 cm
Lenght: 1,45 cm
Height: 0,7 cm

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