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IQ Softshell Jacket 2.0 Unisex

IQ Softshell Jacket 2.0 Unisex

The new IQ softshell jacket 2.0 is here to accompany you and your wild ones during training, during walks and, of course, we made sure to keep the jacket stylish enough for the city. Wherever you are, you will be prepared::

The large back pocket provides enough space for everything you need - from the bite tug to the Flexi, the tracking leash or water bottle (we've also seen crazier things that fit in this back pocket! Just send us your funniest photos!)

The washable side pockets have plenty of room for treats, cell phones, keys and more, and you can store something inside - even secured with a zip! So nothing gets lost!

The printed sleeves are real eye-catchers! Stylish and reflective to ensure that you cannot be missed at night!

We added loops for our detachable modular food pocket (available seperately)!

The IQ Softshell 2.0 is always "ready to train hard".

Our IQ Softshell 2.0 is your all-rounder in spring and fall or cooler summer nights ... whatever you plan to do with your four-legged friend - let's do this!

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