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BioThane 15' Long Line

BioThane 15' Long Line

Our BioThane 15' Long Lines are incredibly well made and very popular for training, hunting, tracking, scent work and barn hunts.  They are non-porous so they do not retain odors.  BioThane is completely waterproof and very durable.  It easily cleans with soap and water or a disinfectant wipe.  We use BioThane Beta 520 Super Heavy material. They are made with industrial stitching which does not degrade the strength of the leads as rivets do, especially on the 3/8".  We recommend 3/8" for dogs under 40 lbs and 1/2" for larger dogs.  The 3/8" come with brass snaps and the 1/2" are all stainless steel snaps.

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