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ROK9 -  Puppy Bite Pillow

ROK9 - Puppy Bite Pillow

These square-shaped pillows are approximately 7"x8" and feature two sturdy handles for the ultimate game of tug between you and your new puppy. The equally durable tab loop is perfect for attatching a line to the pillow to keep the toy "alive" for drive building purposes; its shape designed for clear targeting for a frenzied pup. This pillow is made of durable french linen with several colors to choose from. It is not reccommended that this toy be used for adult dogs with a strong grip, as it is designed for early grip development of puppies and dogs with a softer mouth.

  • Additional Info

    -This is not a chew toy and should not be left with your dog unattended.

    -This toy is machine washable on cold and should be air dried.

    -All sales are final for ROK9 bite equipment. 

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