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Benebone- Bacon/Maple Tiny 2 Pack

Benebone- Bacon/Maple Tiny 2 Pack

SKU: 854111004712

Benebone Bacon Flavor Tiny 2-Pack Dog Toy!

Our Tiny 2-Packs are for adult dogs under 15 pounds.These durable nylon chew toys are made in the USA and are especially pawfect for pint-sized pups who love to chew just as much as their bigger canine counterparts. But the goodness doesn't stop there, because both are packed with real flavor—the wild rolling, bacon-flavored Zaggler and a fetching Maplestick flavored with natural maple wood. Your little one can easily grab onto the raised edges, making these safe, dog-friendly toys more attractive than traditional flat bone shapes.

Key Benefits

  • These tiny-yet-mighty chew toys are specially designed for adult dogs under 15 pounds and they have a dog-friendly shape, so your pup can get a good grip!
  • Made with only 100% real flavors from USA-sourced real bacon for the Zaggler and 100% maple wood for the Maplestick.
  • Made in the USA, including all packaging, tooling and all material and ingredient sourcing.
  • Benebone is a brand you can feel good about since they are dedicated to the welfare of dogs through community involvement and product donations.
  • Helps satisfy your pup’s natural urge to chew, promoting relaxation and discouraging chewing on your favorite furniture or shoes.


Made in a facility that processes nuts, including peanuts, so keep out of households with allergies. Always supervise chewing. Discard after damage or significant wear.

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