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Martin System - CHAMELEON®lllB  + SetK9® + Finger Kick

Martin System - CHAMELEON®lllB + SetK9® + Finger Kick

The Chameleon® III B collar have the highest degree of technology. It has been invented for comfort, durability and discretion. This is a remote training collar that can be used as vibration only, tone only, LED only, stimulation only, or any combination of the aforementioned.



The patented Finger Kick is paired with your Martin System remote control and allows you to wirelessly trigger the remote’s stim button in a hands-free fashion.


Special features of Chameleon® III B Set
 1. Suitable for largest neck sizes (Size : 330 mm + elastic)
 2. Contact Measurement (Martin System® exclusive patent)
 3. The Consistent Reliable Stimulation (SSC) feature (Martin System® exclusive patent)
 4. The Chameleon® patent
 5. Special contact feathers (only available as an extra) have been designed to give better contact for certain types of dogs.
 6. With our free Doggify App (available on iOS and Android), it is possible to check your collar temperature, the contact measurement, change your collar advance settings directly on your smartphone.
 7. The New High Tension (NHT) patent (Martin System® exclusive patent)
 8. Two-year full warranty

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