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ROK9 -  Bite Roll (S)

ROK9 - Bite Roll (S)

SKU: 632835642834572

Perfectly designed for grip development and easy reward delivery, the ROK9 small bite roll is 12 inches long and 3 inches in diameter on either end. Made of durable french linen material, this tug toy is highly durable for small and medium sized dogs and puppies. The handles on either end of the roll allows a trustworthy grip for the human participant during play, while the leather priovdes additonal protection and comfort. This roll also features a nylon strap to allow connection to your dog without holding the handles directly, providing space and freedom opportunity for your dog throughout play. The circular shape of this tug toy is specifically designed to encourage a full grip when used for bite development. 

  • Additional Info

  • Additional Info

    -This is not a chew toy and should not be left with your dog unattended.

    -This toy is machine washable on cold and should be air dried.

    -All sales are final for ROK9 bite equipment. 

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