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Stash - Water Buffalo Horn

Stash - Water Buffalo Horn

The Stash Treat Company Buba Water Buffalo Horn Dog Chew is Stash's #1 selling dog chew!  These 100% natural Water Buffalo Horns are obtained from a trusted source in Northern India and will keep your dog busy for hours.

Benefits of Stash Treat Company Buba Chews -

  • No Preservatives, additives, antibiotics, hormones, or fillers - just natural sliced horn
  • Helps support dental health by removing plaque and tartar.
  • Quality chews are a natural stress reliever for your pet.
  • Horns have thick walls and a hollow center.
    Choose your size (there is some natural variation in length and thickness).


Grass-Fed, Free Range Water Buffalo Horn.


  • Small/Medium - for dogs 5 to 25 lb, approx. 5 Inches by 2 Inches by 4 Inches (3 - 5oz).
  • Large - for dogs 25 to 50 lb, approx. 7 Inches by 3 Inches by 6.5 Inches (6 - 10oz).
  • Jumbo - for dogs over 50 lb, approx. 8 Inches by 4 Inches by 8 Inches (10 - 16oz).
  • Long Horn - for dogs over 50 lb, full tip.

Chew Time:

This is a long lasting, extremely tough chew for the majority of dogs.

Important Safety Note: Please supervise your pet while they enjoy natural dog chews to prevent potential injury and choking hazards from attempting to swallow sharp or larger pieces. Please discontinue use of any item that splinters or becomes sharp and dispose of it.  Some fraying around the edges as your dog chews is expected.

    PriceFrom $12.99
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