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Super Snouts - Pumpkin Latte

Super Snouts - Pumpkin Latte

SKU: 740120937984
  • ONLY 5 SIMPLE INGREDIENTS - Antibiotic-free, GMO-free, No Added Hormones. Ingredients: Whole Goat Milk, Pumpkin, Apple Fiber, Organic Agave Inulin, and Ceylon Cinnamon
  • BOOST TO DIGESTIVE AND BOWEL HEALTH - Pumpkin Latte contains organic agave inulin, which is a natural prebiotic fiber. Prebiotics help to support the promotion of intestinal flora to promote a healthy gut and colon.
  • HELPS WITH DIET CHANGES, ANAL GLAND ISSUES – Pumpkin Latte eases the transition of diet changes by adding fiber. In turn, this helps to support healthy anal glands, minimizing the need for gland expression.
  • BOOST TO OVERALL HEALTH - Pumpkin Latte contains Ceylon Cinnamon to help support healthy blood sugar levels.
  • DOGS AND CATS LOVE THE TASTE - Simply mix with water for a canned pumpkin consistency, sprinkle on and mix with food, or can be made into treats. Dogs and cats devour this pumpkin while fur-parents often call it a lifesaver.
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